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NVC - Non-violent communication according to Marshall B. Rosenberg


What is NVC?

Nonviolent communication is an attitude to life and a 

communicative technique that was developed by the

psychotherapist Marshall B. Rosenberg. The idea is

for people to become aware of the underlying positive

needs inherent in every conflict, to learn how to articulate 

their own needs clearly and ultimately to find sustainable

and lasting empathy for each other. 

Where there is love there is no fear.

(St. Francis)

Who are our seminars aimed at?

Our courses are aimed at people of all ages who want to learn how to better articulate their feelings and needs in friendships and partnerships, as well as professional contexts. Nonviolent communication goes beyond teaching communication techniques. Learn how to create deeper and more fulfilling connections with the people you value and love, whose closeness you seek or with whom you want (or need) to work together.

When conflicts arise or different opinions clash in everyday life, the conflict partners usually try in good faith to resolve the problems that arise through dialogue and arguments. At this point, however, emotions and mutual reproaches unfortunately very often come into play and the conversation quickly turns into a quarrel and misses its actual goal: to make the other person understand and to find an agreement which satisfies both parties.​

Last but not least, our courses are aimed at all parents and educators who feel committed to non-violent communication in the upbringing of children.

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LIVE EVENT: ​​​​​​


07.+08.10.2023; 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m


Naturheilpraxis am Ufer
Lausitzer Str. 26 A, 10999 Berlin


We have had many gratifying experiences with Nonviolent Communication according to Marshall B. Rosenberg.These include the NVC trainers' seminar conducted by Gabriele Seils in 2020 and 2021.

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I studied German and History, did theatre and comedy and worked in advertising and as a teacher. In 2013 I founded my own school of adult education. Since then we have continually expanded the range of courses on offer. In 2021 I completed my training as an NVC trainer, and since 2022 I have been completing further training in identity-oriented psycho-trauma therapy (IoPT) based on methods developed by Prof. Ruppert. I am currently qualifying as a non-medical practitioner in psychotherapy.

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I studied Education at the TU Berlin and Drama at the Universität der Künste Berlin. I have acted in German TV productions and in a number of staged works, including at the Schauspiel Frankfurt and Staatstheater Hannover. 
While still studying I encountered the precepts of non-violent communication according to Marshall B. Rosenberg. I continued to pursue NVC until I was certified as a NVC trainer. I am currently working in the fields of NLP, mediation and psychotrauma therapy.


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We have a sense of humour and regularly achieve excellent ratings in evaluations. Why not give us a try? Through our networking in D-A-CH e.V., the Association of NVC groups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we are also able to conduct our modules in English using native speaking tutors. We offer online and live seminars and regular annual groups and are also happy to visit your company.

We are looking forward to sharing our insights and the experience of deep connection

with our students and training partners. 

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CAMPUS GEWALTFREIE KOMMUNIKATION is a project of the Berlin-based training provider ERSTE HILFE STATION ANDREAS BORUCKI. Learn with us to enter into a deeper and more fulfilling connection with the people you value and love, whose closeness you seek or with whom you work together.




Erste Hilfe Station / Campus Gewaltfreie Kommunikation is a member of the Association of Nonviolent Communication Groups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland D-A-CH e.V.







First Aid Station Andreas Borucki is a member of the Association

of Private First Aid Schools VpEH e.V. and officially accredited by the Berlin Senate Department for the Environment, Transport & Climate Protection as a training centre for adult education. Official registration number: VII D 22 ERSTE-HILFE-STATION-68-Anerk.

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